Interesting story taken from Euthyphro by Plato, presented with a slight modification.

God: “I am your creater.I am the source of all that is good. Why do you ignore me?”
Philosopher: “Indeed, you command us to do what is good. But (A) Is it good because you command it? OR (B) do you command it because it is good?”
God: “Umm.. Option A!” Philosopher: " Haha, wrong answer! If the good is only good because you say it is so, then you could, if you wished, make it so that torturing kids was good. But hat would be absurd, wouldn’t it?"
God: “Umm.. then make it Option B!”
Philosopher: “But that shows quite clearly that goodness does not depend on you at all. So we don’t need to study God to study the good.”
God: “Ohh..then, you see,you’ve got to admit I’ve written some pretty good textbooks on the subject …”
Philosopher: “B**** Please!”

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